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As a logistics service provider, you operate at the cutting edge every day to exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of your competition. Processing orders quickly and efficiently, reducing lead times, differentiating yourself on value-added services and communicating with your customer. It is essential to be able to respond flexibly to changing needs, to be able to change schedules and routes flexibly and to continue to differentiate yourself on service. 

Digitizing to stay relevant


  • Feeling like you are falling behind, rather than ahead;
  • High recurring maintenance costs;
  • Ever-tightening margins

We understand you like no other

With over 10 years of experience in modernizing logistics processes, we know where the risks are, how to prevent them and what your organization needs for a successful transformation. 

Our approach


Our logistics experts start with an inventory of your current processes and applications.

Do we focus on enterprise-wide modernization, or do we focus on Warehouse Management, Transport Management, ERP? Which functionality is working well and which is not? What functionality is on your back-log and what functionality is missing? Where are users working outside your systems with Excel and Access? And where does process redesign provide immediate value?

That way we know together what to do.  

Platform choice and roadmap

fizor. offers all mainstream development platforms under one roof, and with its own logistics experts. We advise in the right technology choice, and also indicate when there is no match. We work with Thinkwise, Novulo, Betty Blocks, WEM and USoft.

Then, together we establish the roadmap along which we will modernize and take the necessary steps toward a scalable and future-proof application landscape.  


We start by developing your specific application. On standard technology, which then remains up-to-date. Nice to know that you never have to change software again.

What our customers say


Eric Landwaart

General Manager

In 4 weeks, the business process, with all the specific features that Heveck applies to it, was delivered by fizor. experts. Here are really specialists at work, who themselves have gained knowledge within the logistics sector.

Paul Meijering Stainless Steel

Paul Meijering


Since February 2023, we have been working with fizor. To realize software links that increase automation within our company. Despite the short duration of our collaboration, we have already had a great experience with the team at fizor. and after three successfully completed projects, we have started 2 more!

Organizational System

Jelis Roodbeen


The system is always up-to-date because updates are provided automatically by our low-code provider. Thus, we no longer spend time and financial resources on manual updates.

Discover how low-code helps your organization move forward!

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