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Organizational System

Organization System is a consulting firm that helps companies establish and maintain ISO-certified management systems. To make it as easy as possible for their clients, they use online management systems that guide them step-by-step with achieving and maintaining their certifications. 

Because Organization System depended on a core system that was already 8 to 9 years old, over time they faced obstacles in the flexibility of their software. For example, updates of did not run smoothly, and any change to the system always had to be manually coded. 

"When the old system was updated, it often led to crucial errors in our business processes," says Jelis Roodbeen, general manager at Organization System. "And when changes had to be made, you immediately lost a lot of time because this had to be programmed by IT professionals - something we always left to external parties." 

So organization system no longer wanted to depend on their outdated software. Therefore, they chose a low-code approach to ensure that the old system could be renewed quickly and effectively. This simultaneously laid a stable foundation for the future.

"Not only did the system need to be less error-prone, it also needed to provide the ability for our teams to make adjustments to the system quickly and without IT staff intervention," Roodbeen said.

For a quick and effective transition from the old to the new system, the help of fizor. was enlisted. The team from fizor. first put the current business processes and biggest pain points of Organization System under the microscope. Based on that, they were able to look for the right solution. In this case, the platform of Betty Blocks.

Low Code

Since Organization System chose a low-code system, they have much more control over their operational processes. "The system is always up-to-date because updates are provided automatically by our low-code provider," Roodbeen states. "This way we no longer spend time and financial resources on manual updates."

Roodbeen continues: "But our customers also notice the difference. The client is informed much more interactively about what they have to do, which action plans are running, and what the status is of certain components. In the old system, none of this was possible. We can now interact faster with our customers. If they have certain wishes, we can easily adjust this for them ourselves."

Finally, Organization System was very appreciative of the advisory and implementation role fizor. played during the renewal process. "Their independent advice and access to multiple low-code platforms allowed them to arrive at the best solution for us. On top of that, it was simply very pleasant working with the team at fizor. We really see in fizor. and low-code the future!

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