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City of Bellevue increases scalability and efficiency with sustainable vendor management system

About City of Bellevue

City of Bellevue is part of Washington state. The city is the epicenter for tech startups and high-end retail locations found in the Eastside district. With more than 150,000 jobs and a skyline of gleaming high-rises consisting of shopping centers, office complexes and manufacturing facilities, residents and visitors to Bellevue are wowed by its creativity, style and innovation.

Long wait times and incomplete information

As a municipality, Bellevue works with a wide range of partners and suppliers. Relationships with suppliers are essential, whether you are in the public, private or non-profit sector. However, managing and maintaining relationships efficiently can be a challenge, especially within Bellevue's bustling commercial center. Inquiries from vendors often arrive by phone or email, requiring valuable staff time to gather and process important information.

Timely handling of these updates is crucial for good relationship management, but at the same time results in high workloads for staff. Thus, the long wait times and influx of incomplete information presented a challenge for City of Bellevue. Therefore, the city was looking for a solution to better streamline their vendor management. As a software partner, we helped Bellevue coordinate this project and select and implement the right software.

Vendor management at its best

Because of the need for speed, cost and flexibility, the fizor. team designed a comprehensive vendor management portal in a short period of time using low-code technology. This portal was customized based on the city's biggest process challenges. The vendor management portal now perfectly aligns vendor management and communication through a single application.

The portal now gives vendors 24/7 access to their own communication portal with the city. This makes accessing important information much easier. The portal also allows suppliers to upload their invoices directly to the city. In addition, users can check invoice and payment status and quickly submit information requests to change data such as address changes and bank information. That data then enters an approval workflow.

The vendor management portal also provides additional features such as vendor FAQs and downloadable content. This gives the city an efficient tool to answer frequently asked questions and provide updates to their vendors in one go.

Flexible, scalable and sustainable

The vendor management portal can be easily scaled up, with no impact on cost. This makes for a great business case for low-code platforms. This is because the software has the flexibility you would expect from low-code. And the system can be changed effortlessly to enrich and improve functionality and user experience. All without the need for manual programming. City of Bellevue has found a flexible way to best manage its information flows. And fizor. has delivered a durable and powerful application that will grow with the city's needs for years to come.

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