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Successful collaboration Paul Meijering and fizor.

Paul Meijering

At fizor. we strongly believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to optimize business processes and improve service to our customers. Our inspiring collaboration with Paul Meijering is a perfect example of how a shared vision and a strong personal connection can lead to groundbreaking results.

The collaboration between fizor. and Paul Meijering began with a seemingly simple "Dare to ask message" via LinkedIn. What followed was an online meeting planned for just one hour, but turned into an inspiring 4.5-hour session. During this meeting, we not only discussed business challenges, but also shared our personal passions. This deep personal connection provided the powerful foundation for our collaboration.

Together we have worked hard to further optimize business processes, with a continuous focus on innovation and quality. This has resulted in the successful completion of several projects and the launch of new initiatives to achieve our goals.

Successfully completed projects


We supported Paul Meijering in linking and implementing software from Metalix, a company that provides links to control machines from a computer. Thanks to this integration, Paul Meijering can now control machines more efficiently from their office, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Quotation Factory

Using Quotation Factory, Paul Meijering can now quickly and accurately generate quotes for their plate laser and press brake services. This has significantly improved the efficiency of their customization department and can also be used by their regular salespeople.


The CAS program has helped Paul Meijering automatically process and link certificates to purchase orders and associated items. This has made their inventory management more efficient and optimized certificate processing.

"Despite the short duration of our collaboration, we have already had a great experience with the team from fizor.... And after three successfully completed projects, we have started two more! We look forward to future successful projects and a long-term cooperation"

Paul Meijering - CEO

Future projects

The Saw App

We are currently working with Paul Meijering to develop an innovative app for their sawing department. This app will allow them to seamlessly manage and access all relevant data and information without the need for paper.

TMS (transportation management system).

We are excited about the upcoming project to implement a TMS, a logistics platform that will allow Paul Meijering to plan, execute and optimize the physical movement of goods. This will simplify their transportation operations and ensure timely delivery of materials and goods.

The collaboration between fizor. and Paul Meijering is a clear illustration of how synergy and dedication can lead to tangible improvements in business processes. We look forward to the continuation of this fine collaboration and the opportunity to develop even more innovative solutions that will benefit Paul Meijering and their customers.

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